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Area & Location

Limenaria on the south side of the island of Thassos are a quiet haven for travelers. If you do not want to move during your vacation , but you want everything at your side , Limenaria is the place for you.

Limenaria beach stretches for about three kilometers from the harbor with its colorful fishing boats and the impressive Palataki building up Tripiti on the western end.

On the back side of the hill is the Palataki is the famous Mines beach . There, from 100 years ago was a mine and smelting site , today is a beautiful beach "different" with hundreds of special items and artifacts to explore.

Tripiti beach is located in the south side of Thassos, just 3 kilometers west of Limenaria. The visitors upon arrival are impressed by a large hole on the rocks created slowly by the sea water, it is likely that the beach got its name from this hole.